ACC350 Complete course

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

ACC350 Complete course

"Strategic Planning and the Management Accounting" Please respond to the following:
·         From the e-Activity, examine the contributions by management accounting to at least one strategic decision of the manufacturing company you researched. 
·         Analyze the strategies formulated by the company you researched to capture a competitive advantage and determine how management accounting assisted in the strategy

"Management Accounting versus Financial Accounting" Please respond to the following:
·         Differentiate between the ethical dilemmas management accountants face versus those faced by financial accountants, indicating which has the most significant challenges. 
·         Provide a specific example of an ethical dilemma a management accountant may be faced with and create a solution to the dilemma as chief financial officer (CFO). Evaluate the potential effects of your solution on the current performance of the organization versus the long-term goals.

ACC350 Week 2 Discussion

"Product Costs" Please respond to the following:
·         From the e-Activity, compare and contrast the cost of completing research, development and design of a product in the U.S., and the production of the product in China or India with the costs of completing research, development, design, and production of the product in the U.S.
·         Specify when the business functions of the supply chain may result in cost efficiency by production or assembly of the product in the U.S. Provide an example.

"Relevant Range" Please respond to the following:
·         Examine how unscheduled costs that occur within a relevant range of normal activity for a company during the period can impact management decisions.
·         Analyze how the relevant range can also impact variable costs. Differentiate between the impact of variable and fixed costs on the relevant range. Provide specific examples of the impact of each cost on the relevant range

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