PHL 458 Complete Course

Thursday, 30 July 2015

PHL 458 Complete Course

PHL 458 Complete Course
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PHL 458 Week 1 Critical and Creative Thinking in Society Short Essays

Select two of the following scenarios:
  • Describe a situation of public interest in which critical and/or creative thought could have been used for a better outcome. Explain the importance of thinking critically and creatively in similar situations.
  • Define free will, truth, knowledge, and opinion. Explain how we use each of these to form thoughts. What role does each play in critically assessing situations? Include detailed support from the textbook in your response.

  • Identify three hindrances to the critical thinking process. Determine methods for overcoming these hindrances. Describe a time in which you experienced a hindrance in critical thinking. What method(s) could you have used to overcome the hindrance? Include detailed support from the textbook in your response.
  • Identify a message in an advertisement, such as a TV or radio commercial, billboard, newspaper or magazine ad. Describe your perception of the advertising message. Try to determine the reality of the advertisement. Distinguish between your perception and the reality.
Write short essays for each of your selected scenarios. Each essay should be 250-300 words, for a total of 500-600 words for the entire assignment.
Include both essays in the same document. 
Format in-text citations and references according to APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

PHL 458 Week 2 Learning Team Charter

You will be assigned to a Learning Team by the end of Week 1.

Complete, as a team, the Learning Team Charter.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the charter. Only one team member needs to submit the charter for the entire team.

Team Ground Rules and Guidelines
What are the general expectations for all members of the team?

Expectations for Time Management and Involvement (Participation, communication with the team, accessibility, etc.)

Ensuring Fair and Even Contribution and Collaboration
What strategy will you use to ensure that all team members are contributing and collaborating appropriately? Describe the communication strategy you will use if a team member is not contributing and collaborating effectively. How will the team manage conflicts between team members?

Special Considerations

What do you, as a team, agree will make this team experience different from past team experiences?

PHL 458 Week 2Think Different Exercise
In 1997, Apple, Inc. supported its "Think Different" marketing campaign with a one-minute commercial featuring black-and-white footage of 17 iconic 20th-century personalities. 
Watch the commercial, also known as the "Crazy Ones" commercial. 
Identify the 17 individuals shown in the background.

Select five individuals from the commercial and discuss the following questions as a team:
  • What did these five individuals contribute to the world? 
  • How were their contributions rooted in creative thinking?
  • How did each of them change existing paradigms of seeing or experiencing the world?
  • Are there defining characteristics shared among all or most of the individuals?
  • What is the value of imagination and thinking outside the box with regard to their contributions?
Summarize your discussion in 500-700 words. 
Include a list of the 17 individuals as an appendix to your paper.
APA format is not required. However, academic writing is expected including appropriate headings to organize your summary.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

PHL 458 Week 2 Creative Spark Talk Analysis

Review a variety of talks on the "Creative Spark" TED channel.
Select one talk that is of particular interest to you and watch it in its entire length.
Write a summary of 700-1,050 words discussing the salient points made in the talk. Include the supporting details that catch your interest.
Identify the name and position of the speaker, and the location and year of the talk in your summary.
Conclude your summary with a reflection on the following:
  • How the content of the talk illuminates some of the stages of creativity
  • How the topic of the talk relates to the concepts of imagination and curiosity
  • How some of the points made in the talk might apply to your personal experiences and benefit society as a whole
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Review the Creative Spark Talk Analysis Grading Rubric for additional information on how your assignment will be graded.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

PHL 458 Week 3 Evaluating an Argument

Reference the Applications list 12.2 (a.-y.) at the end of Ch. 12 in The Art of Thinking on pages 221-222.

one of the following arguments to complete this assignment: "i", "j", or "o". 
Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Evaluating an Argument Table to analyze your selected argument.
Review chapter 12 of the textbook in its entirety for detailed information on each of the four steps.
Use at least three references from the textbook in the table, including appropriate in-text citations.
Format your references and in-text citations consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

PHL 458 Week 3 Solutions Presentation

Search for problematic societal issues of public interest and select one issue you would like to resolve.
Describe your selected issue and the associated problems.

Utilize the following process to evaluate and refine your issue and develop a solution:
  • Investigate the issue by conducting research. List the questions you must answer to understand the issue. Conclude your investigation with a thorough explanation of the issue, including answers to each of the questions you identified.
  • Develop a variety initial ideas to solve this issue. Take note of all of your initial ideas--whether you think they are ridiculous or serious is not important.
  • Identify the two ideas that you think would be the best solutions to the issue.
  • Consider potential difficulties with your identified solutions, and how best to overcome them.
  • Decide which of the two solutions would be best to solve your issue.
  • Refine your solution based on your evaluative process.
  • Create an implementation plan for your selected solution.
Create a presentation of 15-20 slides on the process of evaluating and refining your solution. Include the details of your implementation plan.
Develop detailed speaker notes to describe your team's experience at each stage of the process.

Include at least four academic references with associated in-text citations in your presentation. References and citations should be formatted according to APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

Note: This assignment is a step-by-step process. Each step builds upon the steps that previously occurred. Solely splitting this assignment up between team members instead of going through the entire process together is not advised. If you do this, your presentation might not be cohesive or flow logically. Potential recommendations are to use a team chat, or to create posts for each one of the steps and discuss each step as a team in the assignment's discussion thread. You should select a strategy that works best for your team dynamic.

PHL 458 Week 4 Famous Creative Thinkers Presentation
Review the list of names provided in the University of Phoenix Material: Creative Genius List.
Select two individuals from the list, one from each column, who are famous for their creative ideas.
Research their biographies in the University Library and/or on the Internet.
Create a presentation of 15-20 slides addressing the following:
  • Information about each individual's unique contributions to society
  • The problems or issues that their ideas sought to solve
  • A description of the solutions and how his or her ideas were implemented
  • Each individual's personal/social/political environments and how you think these factors contributed to their creativity
  • A comparison of the creative processes underlying each individual's work, including any obstacles they faced.
  • A critique of their ideas: Could they have done anything differently? How did their work fit into the existing framework of understanding in their field, and how did it advance further understanding of the field?
Develop comprehensive Speaker Notes for each content slide in your presentation.
Include at least four academic references and associated in-text citations.

Review the Famous Creative Thinkers Presentation Grading Rubric for additional information on how your assignment will be graded.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

PHL 458 Week 4Nomination of a Creative Hero

Brainstorm your own list of individuals known as highly creative thinkers. Select individuals that are not mentioned in the University of Phoenix Material: Creative Genius List used in this week's individual assignment.
Identify, as a team, one creative thinker who changed the way people saw and/or experienced the world. Do not select Steve Jobs.
Write a persuasive argument of 350-500 words documenting this thinker's creative contributions.
Your argument should focus on the individual's creative contributions. Components of philanthropy, speaking engagements, social impact, etc. should not be used as persuasive elements unless they have a direct relation to creativity.
Justify why he or she should be included in any list of important creative thinkers.
Include a brief comparison to one other well-known creative thinker: Do they share similar creative processes and/or environments?
Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.

PHL 458 Week 5 Persuasive Communication Presentation

Note: This assignment is due on Saturday.

Use the issue from your Solutions Presentation team assignment in Week 3.
Select an appropriate format to present a persuasive message to your intended audience to support the resolution of your issue. Possible formats include a political campaign, a city council proposal, an editorial article, a commercial, a radio-style podcast, a comprehensive political pamphlet, an interactive game, a website, and so forth. Focus on creativity and on solid persuasive technique.
Explain why you chose your selected format for your intended audience.
Create, using your selected format, a presentation of your persuasive message as you would present it to your intended audience. Include the following in your presentation:
  • Consider possible reasons your audience might reject your ideas. Address anticipated audience objections to your proposal.
  • Devise strategies for persuading your audience to accept your resolution and incorporate that persuasion in your presentation of the message.
  • Strategically organize your material to deliver your message with ultimate effect.
Note: All components of the assignment should be included within your selected format. There should not be any additional papers/appendices/etc. beyond the presentation you create. This is an opportunity for your team to get creative about how to present your information in the most persuasive way possible.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment to the instructor.
In addition, post your Persuasive Communication Presentation into the Presentation Discussion required learning activity for this week to allow your classmates to review it.
PHL 458 Week 5 Learning Team Course Evaluation
Complete the Learning Team Course Evaluation.
Include both numerical scores and written comments as indicated.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit the assignment.
PHL 458 Complete Course
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