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BUSN 412 Week 2 Quiz

1. Question
When developing forecasts, two key inputs that were discussed in the text are:
Assessing internal strengths and environmental scanning
Environmental scanning and a SWOT analysis

Environmental scanning and competitor intelligence
Environmental scanning and stakeholder identification
2. Question
_____________ tracks the evolution of environmental trends, sequences of events, or streams of activities.
Environmental scanning
Environmental monitoring
Environmental surveying
Competitive intelligence
3. Question
When we scan the general environment, we can identify information on:
Customer and firm bargaining power
Competitive rivalry
Substitute goods
The aging population and ethnic shifts
4. Question
Gathering "competitive intelligence" _______________.
is good business practice.
is illegal.
is considered unethical.
minimizes the need to obtain information in the public domain.
5. Question
When conducting environmental forecasting, we can say that it involves developing plausible projections about which of the following concerning environmental change?
A. Speed
B. Direction
C. Both A and B are correct.
D. None of above is correct.
6. Question
Which of the following is not a limitation of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threats) analysis?
Organizational strengths may not lead to competitive advantage.
SWOT's focus on the external environment is too broad and integrative.
SWOT gives a one-shot view of a moving target.
SWOT overemphasizes a single dimension of strategy.
7. Question
Value chain analysis makes sure that the activities of an organization are divided into two major categories of value activities: primary and support. Choose a primary activity from among the following:
Purchasing key inputs.
Monitoring the cost of producing the product through a cost accounting system.
Recruiting and training employees.
Repairing the product for the consumer.
8. Question
Which one of the following can we say is included in inbound logistics?
Warehousing and inventory control
Repair and parts supply
Machining and packaging
Promotion and packaging
9. Question
When assessing its primary activities, an airline company would most likely examine:
Employee training programs
The effectiveness of its lobbying activities
Baggage handling
Criteria for lease versus purchase decisions
10. Question
Advertising is a __________ activity. Supply of replacement parts is a __________ activity.
primary; primary
support; primary
support; secondary
primary; support
11. Question
Explain how competitor intelligence can be improved by gathering information about competitors in the public domain. Provide examples.

BUSN 412 Week 3 Nintendo's Wii Case Analysis

This week, you will write a paper on Nintendo's Wii (Textbook Case 35). In order to assist you in writing your case analysis, there are links to two Word documents that should be downloaded. The first link is to a case analysis report outline and grading guide. This guide should be followed exactly if you want aThis week, you will write a paper on Nintendo's Wii (Textbook Case 35). In order to assist you in writing your case analysis, there are links to two Word documents that should be downloaded. The first link is to a case analysis report outline and grading guide. This guide should be followed exactly if you want a maximum score on your case analysis. The second Word document is a sample paper.

BUSN 412 Week 3 Quiz

1. Question :
Information technology, such as email, has increased in organizations over the years, which has helped to:
Restrict social network growth
Create smaller social networks
Communicate information efficiently
Make more effective use of time in every situation
2. Question :
The following characterizes the creation of knowledge assets:
High upfront costs and subsequent high variable costs
High fixed costs and high variable costs
Low upfront costs and high variable costs
High upfront costs and low variable costs
3. Question :
John Steele was asked to take over a project after the entire team left his organization. The term that describes his ability to reconstruct what the team had accomplished through reading emails exchanged by the previous team's members can be considered:
Inefficient use of information management
Using tacit knowledge
Usage of project knowledge
Using explicit knowledge
4. Question :
The following are examples of how intellectual property can be managed except:
Converting explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge
Copyrights and trademarks
Contracts with confidentiality and noncompete clauses
5. Question :
Dynamic capabilities include all of the following except:
Learning and innovating
The ability of an organization to challenge the conventional industry in its industry and market
Becoming more efficient in operational processes
Continuously adopting new ways of serving the evolving needs of the market
6. Question :
When there are few segments, the emphasis on process design is low, and the major functional areas of concern are general management and finance, this can be said to be the ____________ stage of the industry life cycle.
7. Question :
When there is(are) ____________________, we should likely pursue a harvest strategy:
decline in the market life cycle
high growth
strong competitive advantage
mergers and acquisitions
8. Question :
During the decline stage of the industry life cycle, __________ refers to obtaining as much profit as possible and requires that costs be decreased quickly.
9. Question :
Research shows that the following are all strategies used by firms engaged in successful turnarounds except:
Asset and cost surgery
Selective product and market pruning
Global expansion
Piecemeal productivity improvements
10. Question :
It can be said that during a turnaround, piecemeal productivity improvements do not involve:
Expansion of a firm's product market scope
Business process reengineering
Increased capacity utilization
11. Question :
Use the value chain as a framework to explain how a firm can achieve a competitive advantage of overall cost leadership.

BUSN 412 Week 4 Quiz

1. Question :
A major trend in international developments includes:
Greater international trade and operations
A growing recognition of an international managerial perspective
A large increase in international investment
All of the above
2. Question :
It can be said that the reasons that explain why some governments make better use of the inflows from foreign investment and know-how than others include all of the following except:
Sound management of broader economic factors such as interest rates and inflation
Governmental practices that are business-friendly
Local entrepreneurs that can train workers and invest in modern technology
High tariffs and taxes on foreign investors and multinational corporations provide income to improve living conditions
3. Question :
The framework that Porter devised considers all of the following factors that affect a nation's competitiveness except:
Policies that protect the nation's domestic competitors.
Factor conditions
Demand characteristics
Related and supported industries
4. Question :
When conditions of __________ consumer demand, __________ supplier bases, and __________ new entrant potential from related industries are evident, rivalry is intense in nations.
strong; strong; high
weak; weak; low
weak; weak; high
strong; strong; low
5. Question :
According to Michael Porter, firms that have experienced intense domestic competition are ____________.
unlikely to have the time or resources to compete abroad.
most likely to design strategies aimed primarily at the domestic market.
more likely to design strategies and structures that allow them to successfully compete abroad.
more likely to demand protection from their governments.
6. Question :
It is true that there is a tremendous allure to __________. This is because it is considered the big play, the dramatic gesture, since with one stroke of the pen you can add billions to size, get a front page story, and create excitement in markets.
differentiation strategies
strategic alliances and joint ventures
mergers and acquisitions
internal development
7. Question :
When a firm offers to buy shares of their stock from a company (or individual) planning to acquire their firm at a higher price than the unfriendly company paid for it, this antitakeover tactic is called (a) __________ .
poison pill
golden parachute
scorched earth
8. Question
An antitakeover tactic in which existing shareholders have the option to buy additional shares of stock at a discount to the current market price is called____________.
a poison pill
a golden parachute
scorched earth
9. Question :
The term "golden parachutes" refers to:
A clause requiring that huge dividend payments be made upon takeover
Financial inducements offered by a threatened firm to stop a hostile suitor from acquiring it
Managers of a firm involved in a hostile takeover approaching a third party about making the acquisition
Pay given to executives fired because of a takeover
10. Question
Which one of the following is not considered an antitakeover tactic?
Poison pills
Golden parachutes
Golden handcuffs
11. Question
Related diversification has what primary benefits and risks associated with it?
- Case Analysis
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BUSN 412 Week 5 Southwest Airlines - Case Analysis
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This week you will write a paper on Southwest Airlines (Textbook Case 27). Read the case first. In order to assist you in writing your case analysis, there are links to two Word documents that should be downloaded. The first link is to a case analysis report outline and grading guide. This guide should be followed exactly if you want a maximum score on your case analysis. The second Word document is a sample paper.

BUSN 412 Week 5 Quiz

1. Question :
In consideration that the "traditional" approach to strategic control is sequential, the following is not one of the steps in the sequence.
Strategies are formulated and top management sets goals.
Action plans are submitted by lower level managers.
Performance is measured against the predetermined goal.
Strategies are implemented.
2. Question :
The primary drawback of "traditional" strategic control systems is:
They are only appropriate when the environment is stable and simple.
Goals and objectives cannot be measured with a high level of certainty.
They lead to complacency.
They lack the flexibility needed to adjust to changes in the environment.
3. Question :
The following is true for businesses facing complex and turbulent business environments:
Complacency about predetermined milestones can prevent adaptability
Detailed plans are needed to maintain order
Goals and objectives that are uncertain prevent opportunism
Traditional strategic controls are usually inappropriate
4. Question :
Contemporary approaches to strategic control rely primarily on:
Feedback controls
Single-loop learning
Double-loop learning
Comparative learning
5. Question :
Our text states that informational control systems ask:
Is the organization "doing the right things"?
Is the organization "doing things right"?
Are rules and regulations being followed as information is processed?
Is the organization's environment a necessary and sufficient condition for success?
6. Question
All of the following are examples of strategic actions a firm might take except:
Acquiring competitors to reduce competition
Expanding into neglected markets
Changing product packaging
Tying-up raw material sources
7. Question :
The best example of a tactical action that a company might use in response to a competitive attack is to:
Acquire the competitor
Target the rival's markets
Expand into new geographical areas
Offer price discounts and rebates
8. Question :
The following is not a factor that affects how a competitor will respond to a competitive attack:
The degree of market power and reputation of the company that initiated the attack
The resources which are available for a firm to respond
How dependent the competitor is on that industry or particular market segment
The stock market reaction to the initial competitive attack
9. Question
A situation where a company has a high concentration of its business in a particular industry's market can be referred to as:
Market dependence
Resource similarity
Actor's reputation
Competitor's resources
10. Question
The following argument is an example of ________________: A firm is considering a large price cut on its leading product as a way to gain market share. One executive strongly disagrees with the price cut and states, "We are in the same marketplace as our rivals, and we do not have any competitive advantages in our cost structure. If we cut prices, our competitors will likely do the same. The end result is that we will all make less money."
a hardball strategy whereby competitive actions are not undertaken without a clear advantage
a weakness strategy that leads a company into constant decline
a strategy of forbearance
a strategy of co-opetition
11. Question :
What is the role of opportunity recognition in the new venture development process?

BUSN 412 Week 6 Quiz

1. Question
Technical Computer Graphics uses small project teams and forms alliances with its teams, customers, and suppliers to accomplish projects. This is an example of ________________
combining forms of organizational structure.
horizontal systems and processes.
democratic management control.
2. Question
Organizations generally tend to become internally focused when faced with:
Resource scarcity
Declining performance
External pressures
All of the above
3. Question
All of the following except ___________ can be considered tools and techniques used to achieve effective coordination and integration of key activities in an organization.
communications and information technologies
horizontal organization structures
horizontal systems and processes
horizontal diversification
4. Question
When______________, effective ambidextrous organizations have alignment.
there is a clear sense of how value is being created in the short term and how activities are properly integrated and coordinated
employees are rewarded according to both profit and sales growth
managers are focused on growth opportunities
divisional-level goals are consistent with overall corporate goals
5. Question
Effective ambidextrous structures, according to a study by O'Reilly and Tushman, had all of the following attributes except:
Managerial efforts were highly focused on revenue enhancement
Cross-fertilization among business units
A clear and compelling vision
Established units were shielded from the distractions of launching new businesses
6. Question
It can be said that managers, when faced with ethical crises, should:
Student Answer: Take the initiative to address the problem
Focus on issues most relevant to stockholders
Wait for the other party to make the first move
Cover up as much as possible
7. Question
___________________is the only statement about ethical organizations that is false.
"Ethical values shape the search for opportunities"
"Organizational ethics define what a company is and what it stands for"
"The potential benefits of an ethical organization are few but direct"
"Ethics provide a common frame of reference that serves as a unifying force"
8. Question
Proactive measures to prevent organizational ethics problems include all of the following except:
Student Answer: Instituting a reward system which considers outcomes as its primary criterion.
Using leaders as role models of ethical behavior.
Issuing statements describing the organization's commitment to certain standards of behavior.
Using the organization's information systems as a control system.
9. Question
The statement "__________________" would least likely be found in a corporate credo.
Provide secure and stable employment for employees.
Establish an environment that enhances professional growth.
Support community organizations and projects.
Maximize financial benefits for stakeholders.
10. Question
All of the following are elements of the Goolsby Leadership Model except:
11. Question
Briefly discuss three interdependent activities that are critical for effective leadership.

BUSN 412 Week 7 Managing Innovation, Fostering Corporate Entrepreneurship - You Decide

Scenario, Your Role, Key Players
You are Betty. Based on the scenario above you should:
a. Explain to the bank exactly what is occurring at EZ.
b. Say nothing and continue the status quo.
c. Talk to Ryan and explain your concerns.
d. Give hints to the bank about EZ's situation.
e. Attempt to cover up the problems and stall the bank's auditors.
In Week 7, work with your team, compose a 2-3 page team paper based on each of your individual answers describing what, ethically speaking, you would do if faced with this scenario.
Submit only one team paper to the Week 7 Assignments Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read theseStep-by-Step Instructions or watch thisDropbox Tutorial.
See Syllabus/"Due Dates for Assignments & Exams" for due date information.
Grading Rubric:
Demonstrate a strong grasp of the problem at hand. Demonstrate understanding of how the course concepts apply to the problem.
Apply original thought to solving the business problem. Apply concepts from the course material correctly toward solving the business problem.
Write your answer clearly and succinctly using strong organization and proper grammar. Use citations correctly.
A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.
BUSN412 – Week 7 You Decide Transcript
Betty King is the new controller at The previous controller was fired for “incompetence.” has some severe cash-flow problems that have become exacerbated by the recent acquisition of another firm. The financials of both EZ and the other firm are as clear. The new company has 450 employees that have a “can do” attitude. EZ’s bank is seriously concerned about the company’s viability. Betty discovers that her new boss, Ryan Roberts, who is EZ’s president and major shareholder, is holding a substantial amount of checks from customers in his desk without telling her. Ryan also plays with the firm’s float on a daily basis. (Float is the money that is used on a day-to-day basis for operations.) It’s close to tax time. The bank wants to know what is occurring and has a meeting with Betty today.
Your Role
You are Betty King. Based on the scenario, you should:
1. Explain to the bank exactly what is occurring at EZ.
2. Say nothing and continue the status quo.
3. Talk to Ryan and explain your concerns.
4. Give hints to the bank about EZ’s situation.
5. Attempt to cover up the problems and stall the bank’s auditors.
Key Players Key Players
Text for Audio Recording
Ryan Roberts President
Yes, I am holding a substantial amount of checks from customers in my desk, but what’s the problem with this? I’m the president and a major shareholder, so I don’t think this should be a big concern for you.
John Smith Banker
It seems as though someone at EZ is playing with the firm’s float on a daily basis. This is the money that is used on a day-to-day basis for operations. We have some concerns here at the bank and want to get to the bottom of this at our meeting today.
Write a 2-3 page paper describing what, ethically speaking; you would do if faced with this scenario.

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