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BUSN 420 Week 1 Quiz

1. (TCO 1) Crater Tools Company may be subject to regulations issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Like other administrative agencies, the OSHA affects
2. (TCO 1) In a suit against Owen, Phil obtains specific performance. This is
3. (TCO 1) As a judge, Potter applies common law rules. These rules develop from
4. (TCO 1) In Export Co. v. Imports, Inc., there is no precedent on which the court can base a decision. The court can consider

5. (TCO 1) In Nebraska, the highest-ranking (superior) law is
6. (TCO 2) Orin claims that a Pennsylvania state statute infringes on his "substantive due process" rights. This claim focuses on
7. (TCO 2) Machismo Motor Sales Corporation regularly advertises its off-the-road and all-terrain vehicles and other products. Under the First Amendment, these ads and other commercial speech are given
8. (TCO 2) Serene City enacts an ordinance that bans the use of "sound amplifying systems" on public streets. Tyler wants to campaign for a seat on the city council by broadcasting his message through speakers mounted on a truck. In Tyler's suit against the city, a court would likely hold the ordinance to be
9. (TCO 2) Savers Mart, Inc., distributes its merchandise to retail outlets on an interstate basis. Under the commerce clause, Congress has the power to regulate
10. (TCO 2) Expendable Energy Corporation regularly expresses opinions on political issues. Under the First Amendment, corporate political 

BUSN 420 Week 2 Quiz

1. (TCO 3) Sam, a citizen of New Mexico, wants to file a suit against Tanya, a citizen of Texas. Their diversity of citizenship may be a basis for
2. (TCO 3) In Fancy Frills Corporation's suit against Glamour Stores, Inc., the jury returns a verdict in Fancy's favor. Glamour files a motion asking the judge to set aside the verdict and begin new proceedings. This is a motion for
3. (TCO 3) Jo files a suit against Lara in a Missouri state court. Lara's only connection to Missouri is an ad on the Web originating in Nebraska. For Missouri to exercise jurisdiction, the issue is whether Lara, through her ad, has
4. (TCO 3) Hua, a resident of Illinois, owns a warehouse in Indiana. A dispute arises over the ownership of the warehouse with Jac, a resident of Kentucky. Jac files a suit against Hua in Indiana. Regarding this suit, Indiana has
5. (TCO 3) Sam, a citizen of Tennessee, files a suit in a Tennessee state court against United Sales Corporation, a Wyoming company that does business in Tennessee. The court has original jurisdiction, which means that
6. (TCO 1) Reaching for a bottle of soda from a display in a Bargain Mart store, Cody slips in a puddle of spilled soda and falls, suffering an injury. Bargain Mart's employees are not aware of the spilled soda until Cody falls. In a suit against Bargain Mart, Cody will most likely
7. (TCO 1) Rex, an accountant, enters into a contract to provide services to Sofi. Rex does not finish the work within the contract's deadline. Sofi pays a penalty as a result of the missed deadline and hires Trey to complete the job. Rex is most likely liable for
8. (TCO 1) Travis, an accountant, is subject to the accounting conventions, rules, and procedures that constitute generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). GAAP are determined by
9. (TCO 1) Drake pushes Evon into the path of an oncoming car driven by Flip. Gina tries to rescue Evon. Drake is liable for any injuries to
10. (TCO 1) Estes, an accountant, contracts to perform services for Frasier. In performing those services, Estes uncovers a suspicious financial transaction. Estes is most likely not liable if he

BUSN 420 Week 3 Quiz

1. (TCO 4) Employment Sources, Inc., enters into a contract with Fred. If Fred is a minor, this contract is most likely
2. (TCO 4) Under a contract with Bucolic Farms, Agro Excavation, Inc., begins digging an agricultural pond. In mid-project, Agro asks for $15,000 over the contract price, claiming an increase in the "cost of doing business." Bucolic agrees but later refuses to pay. Their agreement is
3. (TCO 4) Shelby offers to make digital copies of Relay Company's business conference videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and other media for $500. Under the mailbox rule and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), Relay's acceptance by e-mail will be considered effective when
4. (TCO 4) Opie offers to sell his guitar to Pinky for $100. Pinky agrees. They complete and sign a printed form that includes, near the blanks for their signatures, the word "seal." This is
5. (TCO 4) Braxton questions whether there is consideration for his contract with Tawny to exchange his accounting services for her payment of a certain amount. To constitute consideration, there must be
6. (TCO 4) Lou claims that he and Myra entered into an implied-in-fact contract. To establish this contract, it is not necessary to show that
7. (TCO 4) Flo tells Gregor that she will buy his textbook from last semester for $65. Gregor agrees. Flo and Gregor have
8. (TCO 4) Grant offers to sell his Honda Civic for $10,000 to Ivy. Referring to the prices for similar Hondas, Ivy says, "I'll pay no more than $5,000." Grant says, "Forget it." Grant's offer was terminated by
9. (TCO 4) Leif offers Miley $1,000 for her three-year-old laptop computer. Miley accepts. If a dispute arises, a court would likely
10. (TCO 4) Expert Pavers, Inc., contracts with Fabricated Building Corporation to repave Fabricated's parking lot for which Fabricated agrees to pay. The requirements of this, and any other, contract do not include

BUSN 420 Week 4 Quiz

1. (TCO 4) Mikayla enters into a contract with Logan to provide surface material for Mikayla's tennis courts by April 1 for a tournament to begin May 1. The contract specifies an amount to be paid if the contract is breached. This is a liquidated damages clause if the amount is
2. (TCO 4) Karson orally agrees to pay Jaime to plant and harvest a quarter of Karson's farm acreage for four corn-planting seasons. After Jaime prepares the land and plants the first crop, Karson says that their deal is off. Jaime can most likely recover
3. (TCO 4) Reel Graphics, Inc. agrees to assume a debt of Suave Marketing Company to Town Credit Union. This promise is for Reel's benefit. To be enforceable, the promise
4. (TCO 4) Lark enters into a contract to mine gravel in Milena's quarry, sell it, and share the profits on its sale with Milena. If the duties under this contract are discharged like those under most contracts, the duties will be _____.
5. (TCO 4) Pure Oil Company enters into a contract with QuikBilt, Inc., to construct an oil pipeline to withstand specific conditions. If QuikBilt fails to meet this standard, which is construed as a breach of contract and a breach of a duty of care, Pure might be awarded punitive damages to
6. (TCO 4) Lou and Mira want to rescind their contract under which Lou sold an MP3 player to Mira for $50. To rescind the contract
7. (TCO 4) Pablo and Melia enter into an oral contract for Pablo's sale to Melia of a laptop computer for $400. Assuming the terms can be proved, the contract is enforceable by
8. (TCO 4) Timber, Inc., and Wood Corporation enter into an oral contract for the sale of a lumber mill and the land on which it is situated from Timber to Wood. Under the Statute of Frauds, this contract is enforceable by
9. (TCO 4) Pete, the owner of Quality Orchards, contracts to sell fruit to Ripe Produce, Inc. When Pete refuses to perform, Ripe Produce files a suit to enforce the contract. To defend successfully on the ground of unconscionability, Pete must show that enforcement of the contract would be
10. (TCO 4) Sid induces Ty to enter into a contract for the sale of a warehouse about which Sid fraudulently misrepresents a number of material facts. Sid also tells Ty that his commission is 6 percent, but their signed, written contract states "12 percent." The parol evidence rule governs

BUSN 420 Week 5 Quiz

1. (TCO 5) Jelly Jar Company includes in its online offers a provision that indicates any disputes arising under the contract must be resolved in Kansas. Lena, a resident of Maine, accepts Jelly Jar's offer. If a dispute arises, a court will most likely rule that it must be resolved in
2. (TCO 5) Over the course of a year, Retail Marketers, Inc., sells goods from its inventory and one of its warehouses. In exchange, Retail receives checks and other items that substitute for cash, which Retail uses to repay a loan from Savings Bank. Article 2 of the UCC governs
3. (TCO 5) Gail enters into a contract with Hi-Price Appliances, Inc. In a suit between the parties over payment under the contract, Gail claims that a certain clause is unconscionable. If the court agrees, it may
4. (TCO 5) Trendee Clothiers, Inc., sells t-shirts to U-Pik-It Stores, Inc., under an existing contract. When textile costs increase, U-Pik-It agrees to a price increase, but later wants to cancel the contract. U-Pik-It may
5. (TCO 5) Expert Stitching Corporation enters into a contract to sell denim clothing to Fine Fashion Company, which in turn sells a pair of jeans to Grady, a consumer. In contrast to standards that apply to consumers, the UCC imposes on merchants
6. (TCO 6) After notice-and-comment rulemaking, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issues a new rule and applies it to Clearcut Timber Company. Clearcut appeals the application to a federal court. The court will most likely defer to the BLM's interpretation of
7. (TCO 6) The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service utilizes notice-and-comment rulemaking. This involves a period during which
8. (TCO 6) The U.S. Social Security Administration is a federal agency. The Iowa Department of Social Services is a parallel state agency. If these agencies' actions conflict
9. (TCO 6) Labor Recruiters, Inc., has been ordered to appear at a hearing before an administrative law judge of the National Labor Relations Board. A significant difference between a trial and an administrative hearing is that
10. (TCO 6) Seafood Restaurant Company pays income and other taxes collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Like other federal administrative agencies, the IRS was created by

BUSN 420 Week 6 Quiz

1. (TCO 7) The process behind the production of "Fast Pace," a racecar video game, is protected by _____.
2. (TCO 7) RiteMade Machinery, Inc., designs, makes, and sells a drill press. Steel Equipment Company copies the design without RiteMade's permission. Steel's conduct is actionable provided
3. (TCO 7) Joey reproduces Mina's copyrighted work without paying royalties. Joey is most likely excepted from liability for copyright infringement under the "fair use" doctrine if
4. (TCO 7) Diamond Financial Planners employs Ella, who is the firm's most productive performer. Ella, dissatisfied with the commission structure, quits to work for Feldstar Investments, Inc. She takes her list of Diamond clients to induce them to switch to Feldstar. Trade secrets law covers
5. (TCO 7) Delite Toys, Inc., makes EZ Goo, a famous children's toy. Without Delite's consent, Fast Adhesives Company begins to use "ezgoo" as part of the URL for Fast's website. Fast claims that no consumer would confuse the website with the toy. Fast has committed
6. (TCO 8) Via the Internet, Rocky sabotages the computer system of QuikChik'n Company, a food manufacturer, with the purpose of altering the levels of ingredients of the company's products so that consumers of the food become ill. Rocky is _____.
7. (TCO 8) Via e-mail, Vern makes repeated credible threats to Ursula that put her in reasonable fear for her safety. This is ­­­_____.
8. (TCO 8) Nestor establishes a phony account in Meet+Greet, a social network, and creates a fictitious persona to cyberbully Leona. This is ­­_____.
9. (TCO 8) In Las Vegas, Nevada, Kurt places a bet on a football game with a bookmaker via a website based in Las Vegas. In Cleveland, Ohio, Dorothy places a bet on the same game with a bookmaker via a website based in Cleveland. Gambling is regulated in _____.
10. (TCO 8) Boris programs software to prompt a computer to continually crash and reboot. Boris's goal is to install this program on various companies' computer systems without the companies' knowledge. The program can reproduce itself, but must be attached to a host file to travel from one computer network to another. This program is ­_____.

BUSN 420 Week 8 Final Exam

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1. (TCO 1) As an assistant in the legal department of a major corporation, your supervisor has asked you to do some research on how various laws may be applied in an upcoming case. Your department needs to coordinate with outside counsel and wants to be up to speed on how the law works. Explain the sources of law in the American legal system. Is our civil law system more or less advantageous than the common law system? Why is it important to understand all sources of law and where to find them? Explain your answer with examples in a business context. (Points : 25)
2. (TCO 2) Given the current economic climate nationwide and locally, the state of Delmarva would like to impose a higher tax on out-of-state companies doing business in the state than it imposes on in-state companies. The reason behind the legislature’s enactment of this law is to protect the local firms from out-of-state competition because they are losing local business, which is affecting the state’s economy. Is this law legal, or is it a violation of equal protection for a state to impose? What legal standards could the court apply in evaluating the constitutionality of a law and which would apply in this instance? Explain. (Points : 25)
3. (TCO 3) Create a brief scenario and walk it through the litigation process, beginning with how to select the proper jurisdiction of a court, and progressing through the basic steps leading to a resolution of the dispute through appeal.(Points : 25)
4. (TCO 4) Sandy mails a letter back to Andrea that she has signed; the letter makes reference to a car Andrea has for sale and Andrea’s desired price. When Andrea later delivers the car to Sandy, Sandy returns the car, claiming she does not want the car and that they did not have a contract, so she is not bound to keep the car. Andrea, however, claims they do have a contract and wants to enforce said contract for the price of the car. What standard would the court use to determine whether there is a contract between the parties for the sale of the car?(Points : 25)
5. (TCO 5) There are several distinctions in contract law between the UCC and common law as it relates to certain principles. As it relates to modification of a contract, how is the UCC’s treatment of this subject different from that of common law? What are the important factors to be considered? Provide an example that demonstrates the difference.(Points : 25)
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1. (TCO 6) Explain your understanding of administrative law. How would you classify administrative law from a categorical standpoint as it fits in the context of other areas of law and what procedures are involved in the administrative process as it pertains to an agency’s function and purpose?(Points : 25)
2. (TCO 7) Smart Corporation began marketing phone in 2002 under the mark “Smart.” In 2008,, Inc., a different company selling different products, such as school supplies and the like, begins using “smart” as part of its website URL and registers “sMART” as its domain name. Can Smart Corporation stop this use of “sMART”? If so, what must the company show? Use the scenario given to explain your answer in this context.(Points : 25)
3. (TCO 8) Your Company, Inc. wants to do business with My Company, LLC. Because our companies are both savvy, they would like to conduct their business online. What determines the effect (or lack thereof) of the electronic documents evidencing the parties’ deal according to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)? Is a “signature” from one of the company’s a necessary part of the deal? Explain you answer by elaborating on the scenario with the facts you think are necessary to support your position.(Points : 25)
4. (TCO 9) Agency law plays a big part in corporate responsibility (and liability). Differentiate between an employee and an independent contractor. What is the difference and what are the key factors that must be considered in determining one’s status as an employee or independent contractor? Once status is determined, what affect will it have on the responsibilities of the agent? The principal? Is one status better than another? Why? Explain your answers using a representative example involving a principal, an agent, and a situation that would call the agent’s status into question.(Points : 25)
5. (TCO 10) Tim and Tom are twins. They live and work near the beach and are also partners in TnT, Inc., a bicycle messenger service. When deliveries are few, especially in the summer, Tom without telling Tim, rents the extra bicycles to tourists who want to explore the resort area. Because the bicycles aren’t being used for deliveries, is it acceptable for Tom to keep the proceeds he receives from renting leasing the unused bicycles? Explain your answer based on the facts in the scenario in the context of partnership law.(Points : 25)

BUSN 420 All 7 Weeks Discussions

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