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ENGL 219 Week 1 Is It Newsworthy

Complete the following in a Word document. The document should be 500-750 words and APA formatted.
1.      Define newsworthy.
2.      Find an article from your local paper. Scan it or find an online link to it.
3.      Using the newsworthy criteria, determine if your article is newsworthy. Explain why it is or isn’t newsworthy based on criteria provided in the textbook and discussed in the lecture.
4.      You must turn in the actual article or add the link to your paper.

ENGL 219 Week 2 Discuss a Legal Ethical Issue

Write a paper based on a real court case involving a newspaper. You may not use Sullivan v. NYT, but all other cases are approved. Select one of the following terms to focus on.
1.      Libel
2.      First Amendment
3.      Freedom of Information Act
4.      Invasion of privacy
5.      Access/trespass
6.      Copyright law
7.      First serial rights
8.      Simultaneous rights
9.      Privacy Protection Act
10.  Surreptitious reporting
Please find in a newspaper an actual documented court case or an article connected to one of the terms above. Use a search engine to find a plethora of this type of documented court case examples.
In your report, do the following.
1.      Examine the term you selected.
2.      Define the term and relate it to journalism and newspapers.
3.      Using your court case example, explain how this issue became a legal matter for that newspaper.
4.      Explore what could have been prevented, who won the case and why, and what this meant for future newspapers.
5.      Your paper should clearly explore the term you selected and its implications through the actual court case you examine.
6.      Your paper should be three pages long.
7.      Your paper should follow APA formatting.

ENGL 219 Week 3 Obituary

Write your own 200-300 word obituary.
·         Use the information in the textbook and look at various obituaries, even those in your local newspaper or online, to help you get started.
·         You can fictionalize the obituary, but make sure the content is appropriate to this genre of journalism.
·         Consider including a photo of yourself.
·         Don’t forget to include a headline.
·         Use the Wire Service Style for writing located in Appendix 2, page 500.

ENGL 219 Week 4 Conduct an Interview & Write a Feature Article

Write a 400-600 word feature article in a Word document.
·         Interview one person in your community. It can be the local mayor about a problem in your community or it can be your father about his lifelong career.
·         Determine a focus for the interview.
·         Include your questions, the interviewee’s replies, and your notes with your article.
·         Use the Wire Service Style for writing located in Appendix 2 on page 500.

ENGL 219 Week 5 News Article

Write a 300-500 word news article on any national news event that is current. You may also elect to write on a local community meeting in your town that you attend. Even a school PTA meeting could apply for this assignment. Either way, you must research this event and write the article to the best of your ability.
Reading other news releases on the topic is acceptable as long as you determine the source is reliable. The Associated Press is a great place to start by searching their press releases. Associated Press – Press Releases. You may also check your local community newspapers. Use the Wire Service Style for writing located on page 500 in Appendix 2.

ENGL 219 Week 6 Sports Article

Write a 300-500 word sports article.
·         This sporting event must be one you witness either in person or on the television. Take good notes while watching the event.
·         You may write on an event you choose, whether it be a local football game or a national golf tournament. The choice is yours!
·         If you write on a local event, grab your camera and take a few photos to add to the article.
·         Use the Wire Service Style for writing located on page 5 in Appendix 2.

ENGL 219 Week 8 Project Team A

Course Project Due in Week 8

Finalize your class newspaper. Your newspaper and newspaper code of ethics (both as Microsoft Word documents) are due this week (see the Syllabus for the due date). Your editor-in-chief should submit your FINAL newspaper to the Dropbox. See the Course Project tab under Course Home for more details.
Use the Wire Service Style for writing located on page 500 in Appendix 2.
Submit your assignment to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions or watch this Tutorial Dropbox Tutorial.
See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.

ENGL 219 All 7 Weeks Discussions

Week 1 DQ 1 - Journalism is Changing
Week 1 DQ 2 - Identifying News
Week 2 Dq 1 - Protection for the Media
Week 2 DQ 2 - Code of Honor/Ethics
Week 3 DQ 1 - The Discipline of Verification
Week 3 Dq 2 - Obituaries: Style and Information
Week 4 DQ 1 - Conducting an Interview
Week 4 DQ 2- Quoting from Sources
Week 5 DQ 1 - Effective News Reporting
Week 5 DQ 2 - Working Together: Your News Article
Week 6 DQ 1 - Reporting
Week 6 DQ 2 - Working Together: Your Sports Article
Week 7 DQ 1 - Newspaper Differences
Week 7 DQ 2 - Working Together: Your Class Newspaper


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