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HRM600 Human Resources Planning - All 7 Weeks Discussions

w1 dq1 - The Metrics Challenge Intangible Assets
w1 dq2 - Manitoba Manufacturing Case Analysis
w2 dq1 - Differentiating Workforce Strategy
w2 dq2 - Charles Frost Ice Cream Company

w3 dq1 - Future Trends in HRM
w3 dq2 - HRIS
w4 dq1 - Staffing Summary
w4 dq2 - Applied Theory
w5 dq1 - T&D and Outsourcing Modules
w5 dq2 - Strategy Execution
w6 dq1 - Performance Appraisal and Budgeting
w6 dq2 - Communications and Learning
w7 dq1 - Total Rewards
w7 dq2 - The Right Perspective

HRM600 Human Resource Planning - Course Project

Your Course Project
This course contains a course project where you will be required to submit assignments at various stages within your course. This is a group project and your instructor will assign you to teams of 3 by the end of week 1. Because of this, you may need to spend additional time and effort in certain weeks. Please review the requirements and all deadlines so that you can plan your time accordingly. Here is the point breakdown for the project.
Points Received
Project Background and Introduction
A quality paper will include a title page, an abstract, proper citations, and a bibliography.
HRIS Module
Clear overview of HRIS systems, Demonstration of importance of HRIS, samples of metrics HRIS measures, minimum of 5 best practices, key action items for H20 to implement. Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
Staffing Module
Review of Staffing methods, research on cost per hire calculations, time to fill vacancy data and at least 5 best practices for staffing. Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
Training & Development Module
Overview of T&D and the importance of aligning company strategy with T&D. Cost analysis of proposed programs, 5 best practices and clear recommendations for H2O. Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
Outsourcing Module
Must include an overview of common HR functions outsourced, review of benefits of outsourcing, 3-5 best practices and clear recommendations for which functions H2O should outsource in the US. Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
Performance Management Module
Review of t least 3 performance management philosophies as they apply to real-world companies, analysis of performance management theories and recommendation of theory translating into Performance Management practice for H2O. . Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
Budgeting Module
Include overview of elements for the HR budget, cost reduction strategies, cost-cutting strategies, summary of the challenges that HR departments face when creating/managing budgets and best practices at 3 organizations. Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
Total Rewards Module
Section must include a review of typical US rewards, up to and including Tangible/intangible rewards and perks. Include overview of US taxation system and how this affects rewards. Detailed review of three best practices/unique compensation methods for attracting employees and final recommendation of program for H2O. Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
International Issues Module
Module should include review of H2O’s plans to send expats to the US. Clear definition of Expat contract/benefits, details of legal and cultural considerations and final recommendations. Must include Integrated changes from 1st draft module submission.
Summarize key findings and conclude with any final suggestions.
Project Format: Title page, page numbers, headers, font, font size, length, and references page, APA compliance, file-naming convention
Report is APA-compliant with accurate in-text citations supporting full citations on the reference page. Report contains no spelling, grammatical, typographical, or formatting errors and complies with file-naming convention; all links functional, graphics and charts are clear and legible.
Objective and Project Tour | Organizational Scenario |Deliverables and Due Dates | Module 1 | Module2 | Modules 3 & 4 | Modules 5 & 6 | Modules 7 & 8 | Research Tips and Helpful Hints | Lee Hecht Harrison Award
This capstone paper represents a culmination of learning for the Master’s Program. Students will act as consultants to an unknown organization and will make specific recommendations based on research findings. All topics researched in this paper will relate directly to real-world experiences our Master’s level students may face in their current/future positions.
Organizational Scenario

H20 Organization, mid-sized Software Development company (3,000 employees) based in Germany, is seeking advice from several consulting groups regarding best practices. H20 would like to expand operations from Germany into the US, but is concerned about crossing over without aligning the Company’s HR Initiatives with the US practices. H20 is currently leading the market with compensation and benefits, has company culture and is considered one of the best companies to work for in Germany. H20 is looking for some general information and theory on how to operate in these critical functions as well as some specific applied research on companies with best practices in each HR Discipline.


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